Niaplum Mini Portable Blender

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1. Charging: When using it for the first time, it should be charged for more than 3 hours.

2. Tightening: The cup body and the base must be tightened to rotate because the cup body and the base are equipped with invisible protection switches, only the cup body can be tightened to achieve a convenient working state.

3. Fruit: After fully charged, you need to add the required fruit, and the fruit must be cut into small pieces of 1.5 cm.

4. Add water: After adding fruit, half of water or milk or an appropriate amount of fruit must be added. Do not use the cup without fruit.

5. Switch: Before raising your head, you should turn the cup upside down and quickly double-click to turn on the switch (otherwise the blade will be easily jammed by the fruit and the carding machine will not rotate). After an inverted position, it should shake about 45 degrees.


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